Meeting Room Hire

Looking for a meeting room?  Administrate have two meeting rooms available for your next meeting.  Both meeting rooms are available for hire when  not used for Administrate body corporate business.  Contact us by email or call today for a viewing or hire inquiry.


Meeting Room 1 - Committee or General Meeting

  •  Annual/General Meetings: theatre seating - up to 60 people accommodated.
  • Committee Meeting - various configurations with tables added as required.


Meeting Rm 1 - Small Configuration
Meeting Room 1 - Small Configuration
Committee Seating 20 Chairs
Meeting Room 1 - 20 Chairs


Meeting Room 1 has a number of tables available to size meeting configuration to your requirements.  Starting with a basic meeting configuration, tables can be added for circa 20 seats, otherwise tables can be removed for a head table and theatre seating can be provided for up to 60 seats.

Meeting Room1 - General Meeting 60 Chairs
Meeting Room1 - General Meeting


Meeting Room 2 - Committee 

  • Committee Meeting - Large table with seats for up to 10 people..


Meeting Rm2 - Standard Configuration
Meeting Room 2 - Standard Configuration

Meeting Room 2 (pictured) shows  the standard configuration however the meeting room does have a small kitchenette and the room can be used for serving of refreshments or lunches, 


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