Why Choose Administrate as Your Body Corporate Managers?





Customer focused Administrate principals are owners, residents and property investors in apartments we understand the needs of Bodies Corporate. 
An agile and adaptable body corporate management company, empathetic to the needs of the body corporate members they serve. As a company we know how pleasantly surprised new customers are with Administrate's overall service delivery.
  Team representatives allocated to each Body Corporate that manage all aspects of the Body Corporate Not having silo'd departments (accounts receivable, payable, secretariat, etc.) ensures there is visibility across the team of all the body corporate business/management activity
  Low Ratio of Buildings/Managers Administrate provides more time to your Body Corporate because there is lower ratio of buildings to manager teams. All managers are familiar with or can easily find information on other buildings - there is cross knowledge within the managers
  Big profile for a Modest Sized Company Administrate has the respect of established body corporate management companies, investor owners in multiple bodies corporate and property managers and tradespeople.
  Full Service Delivery / Integrated Office

Facilitates an accessible repository for all BC information; facilities and financial managers have easy and timely access to all relevant information.

Incidental sales and expenses do not slip through split provider gaps - facilities managers have access to the accounting system for issuing purchase orders.

Common access to financial management systems and building information files (electronic and hard copy)

Matters managed within the office - there are no grey ownership areas managed by an external partner.

Great company synergy gives customer outcomes greater than split services can deliver. Teams have and share experience & knowledge in their respective areas in UTA Governance, finance control, building management, building systems and trade experience.

Secretariat Provides "welcome" communication to new owners Informative welcome package sent immediately to new owners prior to settlement with introductory information to the complex and contact details.
  AGM/EGM Meeting attendances; Attendees checked against Register of Owners and Debtors Register Summarises all voting; validates voting rights of attendees and proxy holders against unit entitlements; confirms quorum is met. This becomes a permanent record
  AGM/EGM Meeting attendances; Voting slips issued to identify voting entitlement of attendees Required in the event that vote numbers are close on a show of hands; meeting is prepared in the event a poll is called for - the meeting will not be held up.
  AGM/EGM/BCC Meeting Minutes; All meeting motions are typed up at the meeting Notes and motions are typed at the meeting; for clarity this provides a better record of meetings; actions and motions recorded as final.
  Accessible office to all BC members Central down town location for document deliveries and pickups.
  Governance Focused Formality ensures a well run organisation
Use Xero Accounting Package Xero being cloud based is better for business and business continuity
  All payments are electronic transfer or direct debit Electronic provides an auditable trail providing reporting transparency.
  Daily banking reconciliations Administrate has an excellent credit management record through having a daily understanding of the Body Corporate financial position.
  Management of bank account balances transfers to/from operating account Administrate does maximise interest earned by maximising balances in interest earning accounts when funds are not needed
  Able to cope with short notice contractor payments Required to comply with Contracts Act where payments are required on delivery
  Non regular "work" requests issued on "Purchase Orders" Provides legitimacy and identifies expected cost of invoices to accounts receivable when they came in, exceptions are questioned sooner
  Transparency Available Real time access to accounts available to Body Corporate Chair or nominee if required
  Debtor reports grouped by entity Provides a real picture of your problem customers; usually helpful for us at the beginning of a new management contract.
  Clear and meaningful reporting to committee (e.g. reports are not just generic accounting package reports) Reports and additional information are combined to present the financials clearly to the committee (we will not blind you with a sea of numbers that are difficult to decipher).
   End of Year financial statements compiled by independent chartered accountant  External view of accounts process reported to committee provides confidence for the BC Committee & Administrate
High profile attendance in buildings Keeps management in touch with building matters; people know who the managers are
  Proactive Management Find and address maintenance items before they become issues
  Minor work undertaken on building rounds Not only provides savings on minor repairs it gives the building manager a better understanding of the buildings and their working.
  Building work checked off for delivery quality Required before payment is authorised
  Good access and contact details to most property managers/landlords/tenants Ensure Body Corporate Managers are aware of all residents in the complex, also faster resolution of rental resident issues as there is a good relationship with property managers (and landlords)
  Clear mailbox reception lobby policy Ensures a great first impression of the complex for visitors, and something for residents to be proud of bringing in guests.
  High promotion of BC Rules to keep raising the buildings standard Better people & building management overall provides a tidier looking building which owners and renters become proud and part of; better residents also provide better return on investment (ROI) for owners on sale.  Relates to washing on balconies, noise management, use of common area and car parks etc.
Communications Mail Server Package used with for all Communications Provides receipt tracking and ability to monitor open rates and link click-throughs of distributed Body Corporate information; perfect for those that deny receiving notices.
  Website Pages Residents and Owners Provides access to Body Corporate Operational Rules, Apartment Residents Guidelines.
  Website Pages Landlords/Property Managers Provides a repository of "People Movement" documents - building induction; moving process / policies
  Website Pages for Potential Residents For those interested in either purchasing or renting the website provides a high level visibility of what the expectations there are for residents in the complex
  Website Reporting to BC Managers for building or people issues, contact updates etc Provides a record to the correct manager to action & update
  Itinerant operational newsletters from the Facilities Managers Mainly provides operational reminders to landlords and property manager of expected behaviours of the Body Corporate and other building residents.



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