We know how Bodies Corporate work best.


Administrate financial and facilities teams are dedicated to manage your Body Corporate investment to the highest expected standard. Because Administrate provides a one stop shop for managing buildings, all information about your building is readily available with no reliance on partner suppliers to respond with time critical information.


Standard Body Corporate Management

  • Financial Management
    • Administrative, accounting and financial functions of the Chairperson under Regulation 11(1) of the Unit Titles Regulations 2011 (with the exception of signing documents on behalf of the Body Corporate)
    • Administrate manages bank accounts in bodies corporate own name (Administrate does not hold funds in a central trust account) BC Managers are not the only authorised signatories, BC Chair and Committee Members will also have signing authority on accounts
    • Xero accounting programme used to manage finances
    • Preparation of draft budgets
    • Accounts receivable management (ensuring owner levies are paid and arrears kept to a minimum - target zero)
    • Accounts payable management; all creditors paid by internet banking or direct debit
    • Provide reports to committee meetings that are clear and easy to understand for lay-persons
    • Administrate generally use Dowse Murray Chartered Accountants to compile the final end-of-year financial statements, file tax returns and complete any specific verification requirements. Accountants are engaged directly by the body corporate.


  • Facilities Management
    • Manage repair and maintenance of the common property, assets designed for use in connection with the common property, infrastructure, and building elements and access for those purposes (s138 UTA)
    • Manage the contract with any third party contracted by the Body Corporate for inspections of lifts, fire protection services and other safety requirements
    • Ensure all building warrant of fitness (BWoF) compliance items are maintained and certified by appropriate qualified industry contractors
    • Manage long term maintenance plan deliverables
    • Regular surveillance of body corporate assets undertaking proactive maintenance where identified (we are in touch with what is happening in the complex)
    • Close management of income/outgoing residents to ensure they comply with BC Operating Rules, Guidelines and Policies
    • Actively manage access control and CCTV systems
    • Register of property managers and tenants
    • Body corporate website in Administrate template format as a management and information collecting tool
    • Health and Safety in Employment management for the Body Corporate


  • Secretariat Support
    • Quarterly committee meetings including preparation of agenda, meeting papers and minutes
    • Annual General Meeting including preparation of agenda, resolutions, meeting papers and minutes
    • Insurance renewal quotes obtained, claims managed and valuations for insurance purposes obtained when required by insurer
    • Booking meeting venues when required
    • Record keeping including register of owners and minute book
    • Committee governance support (Unit Titles Act 2010 knowledge)

 Additional Services

  • Pre-Contract and Pre-Settlement Disclosure Statements (on-charged to unit owners) $200 each
  • Additional Disclosure Statement (on-charged to unit owners) up to $750 depending on what is requested
  • Convening, holding and distributing minutes of any Extraordinary General Meeting held by the Body Corporate (these meetings can be called at any time throughout the year)
  • Operational Rules Created/Updated
  • Long Term Management Plan (LTMP) creation and review
  • Minor or Major Project Management (eg; watertight and earthquake strengthening)

 Our Extended Team

  • Access to specialist Unit Title Act independent legal support
  • Access to good independent accounting support
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