Service Fees

Management Contract

Administrate delivers a full service strata title (body corporate) secretariat/financial and facilities management offering - based on a high quality of service to the body corporate being the key deliverable.  Careful consideration is given to our quotes to ensure that we will not under deliver on our commitment to all of our body corporate customers; we simply do not want to have the reputation of trying to deliver within an unsustainable return - businesses that do become out best references.

Although all of our business currently is primarily provides a full delivery body corporate management offering, Administrate have in the past managed a body's corporate alongside other providers; however full management contracts have come out of these arrangements when the benefits of having a reputable single supplier are realised.

To see that you are getting best value for your body corporate management investment, as a comparison:

  1. Divide competitive quotes received for body corporate management by the respective company's published hourly rate1 (quote/hourly rate) to see how many hours for the year is planned to fulfill your service expectations.
  2. Divide  the management respective company's portfolio by the number of customer contactable managers to get a ratio of (buildings / managers)2; this will give you an idea of how responsive that company will be to your body corporate needs. 
  3. Download this document compare service deliverables expected of your managers

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Schedule of Charges

All non-contract work undertaken by Administrate will be charged out at a fixed hourly rate with materials/disbursements in addition to this.

  • Hourly Rate  - $115.00 per hour (inc. GST)


  • Pre-Contract Disclosures:
    • Standard disclosure:  $400.00 (inc. GST) each
    • Urgent supply of Pre-Contract Disclosures (two working days or less): $400.00 (inc. GST) each
  • Pre-Settlement Disclosures:
    • Standard disclosure:  $400.00 (inc. GST) each
    • Urgent Supply of Pre-Settlement Disclosures (two working days or less): $400.00 (inc. GST) each
    • Additional Disclosures: Prices on application.

Facilities Management

  • Ex contract "project" work (LTMP, Watertight, Seismic) 
    • Time & Materials (T&M) at Hourly Rate
  • After hours call out (ex-contract & behavioural management issues):
    • I.50 Hours min. at Hourly Rate
  • Breach of BC Rules Notices to Landlords/Property Managers
    • 0.50 hour min. at Hourly Rate
  • Power Meter Reading
    • 0.50 hour min. at Hourly Rate
  • Short move/out notice requiring delivery of lift lock off key & install of lift covers.
    • 0.50 hour min. at Hourly Rate; 
    • 1.50 hours for after hours; weekends, public holidays etc.


1. No business should be charging at less that $100.00 per hour for staff.
2. The lower the building/manager ratio is, the more responsive the management company is likely to be
when you really need them.
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